Wedding makeup: 5 tips on how to prepare for the big day


What you look like is undoubtedly important in every situation, but there is (at least) one extraordinary day in the life of each of us that requires extra preparation and attention - and that is nothing but your wedding day.

And since during your special day you want everything to be tip-top and flawless, you need to prepare for it properly - not only on your wedding day, but even months in advance! What do you need to think about, plan, arrange and prepare to make your wedding makeup perfect?

Makeup artist from AristorA has prepared 5 tips for you, thanks to which your preparation will be a bit easier.

1. Collect pictures of the wedding makeup you like

How best to explain to a makeup artist, what type of makeup do you want? Well, by showing it to her directly! The first (and even the most fun) step of your training should undoubtedly be surfing the Internet and looking for inspiration for makeup - Instagram or the social network Pinterest can be proven and at the same time endless sources. So search and save!

2. Take good care of your skin

You should definitely not take care of your skin just before your wedding, but every single day of the year. Well, of course, sometimes there are those among us who sometimes get lazy in their care and then suffer from wrinkles, dry / oily skin or ugly rashes. We bet you don't want to see any of these inconveniences when you watch a wedding album in a few years, do you? So shovel in front of the mirror and give your skin what it needs. Every day.

3. Forget about hot trends

Although there are trends in the beauty world for us to follow when it comes to wedding makeup, certainty is certainty. What you want to achieve is a classic and timeless look, which even 30 years after the wedding does not seem ridiculous to you when you show wedding photos or video to your grandchildren. Experiment when you go for coffee friends, not when it's the most important day of your life.

4. Choose a beauty salon

Choosing a salon based on who is closest to your house is like shooting blind. Although it may be comfortable for you, when it comes to a wedding, you need to choose wisely, based on the experience of makeup artists and references. Make an appointment with more and ask. What products do they use? How long have they been engaged in wedding makeup? What is their portfolio? Also, don't forget to show the inspirations you've gathered in the meantime and find out what the makeup artist thinks of them.

5. Wedding makeup test

After you have already chosen your favorite, it is time to arrange a wedding make-up test, which will not only show you whether your chosen make-up is the right one for you, but also test the skills of the make-up artist herself - if you are not satisfied , you can still take the exam to another salon on your list (and therefore we also recommend that you take the makeup exam well in advance of the wedding itself). Sometimes you just don't come across for the first time.

To get the most out of your exam and to get a better idea of ​​what you will look like as a bride, we recommend that you come to the exam in clothes that are the same color as your wedding dress (this way you can see how the makeup will stand out in combination with a dress) and it is also ideal to go to a wedding hairstyle test on the same day to see how your face and hair are going hand in hand (or vice versa).

It's never too early to start training!

When it comes to wedding and preparing for it, the sooner you start, the better. Dedicate your free time to each of the steps we've described here, and if you decide to try what our AristorA makeup artists can do, make an appointment now - as you know, the wedding season is just around the corner and free dates are literally missed as warm croissants! We are very much looking forward to all future brides :)

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