You can trust us - to certified professionals with rich creativity and aesthetic feeling. 


Two unsightly, dark lines... Brow tattoo like that is a thing of the past! Eyebrows shape makes our entire appearence. We shape it for you to look perfectly symmetric. It´s called microblading - the beautician draws natural thin lines to thicken and highlight your own eyebrows. This method is so natural, you almost can´t notice it.  It´s most popular and skin friendly.  

You don´t need to worry about mistakes or inexpertise. All our product are single-use and our beautycian Kika is an expert. She studyied at the best brow school in  the world - Phibrows Academy and we use all the stuff from them. According to your skin and natural brow color, we choose what color suits you, to look as natural as possible.

  • Duration: 2-2,5 hours
  • Lasts: 12-18 months
  • Price: 250€
  • Initian consultation: 30€ deposit (this amount will be deducted from the total amount of the procedure)
  • Price includes the correction (must be made within 12 weeks) 


Is the best solution for women (or men), who don´t like fake lashes. During this procedure we curl your natural lashes what makes them longer and your eye bigger. A deep and seductive look is made. Your lashes will be stronger and nourished. 

  • Nourished lashes without fake extentions.
  • This method is suitable for all types of lashes
  • If your lashes are damaged because of fake lashes, we can nourish them again.  
  • Regular application of lash lifting supports the grow and volume of your lashes. 
  • Includes dyeing with black lash color.
  • Minimal time between two applications is 4 weeks. 


  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Lasts: 4-8 weeks 
  • Price: 44€
  • Along with Lash lift - better price 70€ (instead 84€)

More info about lash lifting 

What is lash lifting?

Lash lifting lifts and curls your natural lashes. The effect lasts 4-8 weeks and includes also dyeing of your lashes to make it accentuated. All used product are harmless. Please inform us about your color allergies.

What is lashbotox?

It´s professional nourishing lash treatment supporting the volume of natural lashes - thanks to many helpful substances like hyaluronic acid, pure keratin, shea butter, vitamin A, E and others. 

– Eyebrow Lamination –

Brow lamination is a quick, non-invasive procedure that optically thickens your eyebrows, fills in any gaps and gives it a shiny look. We comb your eyebrows in the necessary direction (mostly upwards), fix them and finally supply nutrition.

  • Duration: 1,5 hour
  • Lasts: 4-8 weeks
  • Price: 40€ 
  • Along with Lash lift - better price 70€ (instead 84€)

— Eyebrow express —

Eyebrow shape treatment with tweezers according to your requirements or the recommendations of the beautician and painting the eyebrows with the most natural shade possible.

  • Duration: 15-20 min.
  • Lasts: 2-3 weeks
  • Price: 10€

Aquarelle lips

Lip tattoo or so-called Aquarelle lips is a modern technology intended for people with loss of pigment after herpes, lip asymmetry, natural loss of natural hyaluron from the lips.

After tattooing, the lips are unified and appear optically larger and more colorful. Nowadays, when each of us is looking for the most natural technologies for beautification, this is one of the reasons why we use fine pigments for tattooing lips with which the lips are tattooed in a natural color. Of course, we pay attention to your requirements, whether you want expressive lips, or prefer soft, natural shades.

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Lasts: 12-18 months
  • Price: €290, includes: consultation, tattoo, correction within 12 weeks
  • Initial consultation: €30 deposit per appointment will be deducted after completing the procedure

– Make-up –

Can you feel that moment when you look in the mirror in the evening and you are sorry that you will have to take off your make-up? Beautician Alex is looking forward to being able to put on make-up for a wedding, prom, halloween or just for a normal and working day.

She works with Mary Kay cosmetics and with her dexterous hands and with her soul she perfectly fits into our team.

  • Duration: from 45 min.
  • Lasts: 1-2 days
  • Price: from 35€ (more info in Price list)
  • Fake eyelashes are included in price

– Gel nails, Gellac–

Long-standing experience in nail extension techniques is not always a quality guarantee. Some people are not good even after 20 years. It has to be part of you - to be skilfull and to have a lot of creativity and style. 

This is exactly how we picked our manicurists. And also we have more than 10 years of practical experience. We offer not only TOP service, but also a clean, beautiful relaxing studio in Old town, nice and sympathetic ladies, who can quickly become your friends and also adventure of your visit in form of relaxation, tasty coffee and friendly talk.   

  • Duration: 1 hour - 2,5 hours (depends on what you have and what you would like)
  • Lasts: Gellac 3-4 weeks. Gel nails 4-6 weeks
  • Price: from 35 € (more info in Price list)

– Manicure and Pedicure –

Manicure or pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of hands and feet. It involves shaping the free edge of the nail, pushing and cutting the cuticule around the nail bed. We desinfect your skin, shorten your nail to your preferred lenght and shape and treat the cuticule with nourishing oil and cream. If you like, we also offer a relaxing hand- and feet- massage.

You´ll feel adjusted, sleek and happy to show your nails and toes to the world. 

  • Duration: from 45 min.
  • Lasts: ca 2-6 weeks
  • Price: from 18€ (More info in Price list)

IBX system

IBX is an unique nail treatment. Serves for nail regeneration, especially if you need a break from fake nails or just improve your own nails. It protects the nail bed and it´s suitable for women and men too.

IBX system can be used also on your damaged toenails. You´ll be surprised how quick and effective can this treatment be. 

  • Secures right bindings between your nail bed and gel/gellac.
  • Heals damaged, weak nail, which is splitting or harmed.
  • Compensates for inequalities and cracks on nails, what makes it smooth.
  • Restores bitten nails.
  • Supports the healthy nail growth. 
  • Price: 26€ including manicure

Ingrowing nails correction (spange)

Deformed, curled or ingrowing nail is a common problem. But the solution exists and we are happy to help! Nail correctors can treat ingrowing nail parts, and what´s best - it´s no painful surgery!   

Application takes only few minutes and provides full treatment of ingrowing nail. This procedure is suitable for everyone. You just cannot wear gellac on it.

  • Duration: 15 - 20 minutes
  • Last: about 2-4 weeks, you need more sessions
  • Price: 19€ (1pc)

Skin cleansing 

The service suitable for both ladies and gentlemen includes an analysis of your skin, eyebrow shaping, 2-phase mechanical cleansing of the skin, application of a mask and cream, facial and décolletage massage. Deep cleaning also includes facial steaming and the use of cosmetic needles for deep cleaning of acne.

  • Duration: from 45 to 90 min.
  • Last: approx. 2-8 weeks
  • Price: Deep-€44, Surface-€39, Hydrat. treatment-€39

Japan manicure 

Are your nails damaged? Japan manicure represents a nutrition for nails in the form of supplementing the missing substances. Helps to regenerate, creates a protective film and adds a shiny appearence to your nails. It contains an unique mixture of vitamin A, H, E, provitamin B5. It´s a nourishing powder from parafin and bee wax (beware of your allergies!)