Men ´s pedicure and manicure

With us, you get only the best, so the whole process always starts with disinfection. Subsequently, the skillfull hands of our beauticians will embark on any skin defects. Be sure to forget about any shyness. On the contrary, book the necessary care with us today. We recommend a combined pedicure for extremely rough skin on the feet. The beautician manages to remove a larger amount of skin, but in any case we want to hear mainly your wishes.

Of course, there is also a skin treatment around the nails on the hands and feet, where we apply a nourishing oil. Moisturizing cream at the end is just the icing on the cake, after which your feet will be like new. If you want to get the most pampering process to the maximum, you can add an extra service in the form of a professional massage.

  • Duration: 45 to 60 min.
  • Lasts: manicure app. 2 weeks, pedicure app. 5 weeks
  • Price: mani 18€, pedi 30€ (more info in Price list

Do you have damaged nails?

We advise you to try the IBX nutritional treatment with which we have already healed many nails.

Do you you like nails when they shine more?

We will polish them for you at no extra charge.

Do you want to decorate your nails?

Yes, even men wear gel lac and various nail designs, so they can express their identity.

Men ´s gel lac

Let the world know your mood or identity through nail design. We can stick any design or draw a more demanding nail art on a thin layer of gel lac (transparent is possible to make too). We attach something from our work and also inspiration from the world. 

  • Duration: about 60 min.
  • Lasts: app. 3 to 4 weeks
  • Price: from 35€ (more info in Price list

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