Looking forward to you!

Hello 😊

Do you love nail design💅 and do you already have some experience? We are looking for a partner for our young team who will help us with manicures and (or) pedicures in the AristorA salon in the Old Town. We are likely to negotiate individually with everyone, we respect your situation, possibilities and desire to work.

We would summarize our requirements as follows:

#accreditedCourse #friendliness #communicativeness

If you feel up to it, write to us right away 💌. Don't worry, we don't worry about any corporate rules or formalities. We will be happy to meet you over a ☕ coffee and have a friendly chat about possibilities and conditions.

You're probably still looking for salary conditions, aren't you? We follow the rule: "Clients are most satisfied when you have happy employees." That's why we start at 💶6€/hour for new colleagues and increase it to 7 to 8€ depending on experience, or a little more can be billed for a business.

We will take care of the clientele, materials and premises.

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